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Shelby County Solid Waste and Recycling Department provides reliable recycling and solid waste services to county residents, educational institutions, businesses and other organizations.

The Shelby County Recycling Facility is located at 170 Windhurst Way and open Tuesday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm to take your household garbage, re​cyclables​, yard waste and more.

There is a solid waste disposal fee of $0.035 per pound for household garbage and bulk trash. Never a fee for recyclables!

Corona Virus Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the concern it has raised for the safety of our employees, effective immediately, recycling at the Shelby County Center and at community drop-off points is no longer available until further notice.  This was not an easy decision or one we take lightly, but in times like these, the welfare of our employees comes first.  Due to the uncertainty of the length of time the Coronavirus can live on the recyclable materials collected in our facility, we feel it is best to stop collections until it is once again safe to do so.

Although the recycling option will not be available during this period, the Shelby County Recycling Center on Windhurst Way will remain open during normal hours.  The solid waste scale fee will be reduced from the current rate of 3.5 cents per pound to 3 cents per pound to compensate customers for items mixed with solid waste which would otherwise be recycled.

The collection and disposal of solid waste is considered an essential service by the Commonwelath of Kentucky, and this service will not be suspended unless additional rulings come from the Governor.

Recycling Satellite Locations

For your convenience, recyclable items can also be dropped off Tuesday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. at the following locations:

  • 86 North 7th Street, Shelbyville KY 40065
  • 5913 Elmburg Road, Bagdad, KY 40003

Why Recycle?

Conserves Natural Resources
Raw materials are used to make nearly every consumer product we buy. Iron, tin and aluminum are mined to make metal cans. Trees are cut to make paper and cardboard. Petroleum is used to make most plastic products. If these products are recycled, fewer natural resources are needed (most important for those resources that are non-renewable).

Save Energy
Recycling is energy efficient. For example, it takes 95% less energy to melt and reform aluminum cans than to make cans from raw ore.

Reduces Waste, Saves Landfill Space
More than half of Kentucky’s landfills will close due to new regulations and lack of space.

Recyclable Materials

Material Accepted Free of Charge:

  • All metals: White goods (appliances), steel cans, aluminum cans
  • Paper products: Cardboard (we ask for it to be flattened), newspaper, junk mail
  • Plastics: All 1-7 household plastic containers are accepted such as soft drink bottles, water bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, milk bottles, and margarine tubs. Please rinse and discard tops. No black plastic or plastic grocery bags.
  • Glass: Food and beverage glass only, we accept clear, brown, green glass but no broken glass.
  • Automotive: Motor oil in two gallon containers or smaller, auto batteries and antifreeze
  • Yard waste: Free untreated compost and mulch is available while supplies last.
  • Computer Components: Laptops, Computer Towers, cell phones, and flat screen TV’s.

Solid Waste and Recycling Brochure

Bid Announcements

  • No current bids at this time.
Recycling Facility

Rick SolomonRick Solomon,
Solid Waste Director

170 Windhurst Way
Shelbyville, KY 40065

Phone: (502) 633-2699
Fax: (502) 633-3580

Val Shirley, Solid Waste Supervisor

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Saturday, 7am - 3pm

Closed all major holidays.